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Why should I invest in a fixed deposit?

Why should I invest in a fixed deposit?

Fixed deposits are considered one of the safest investment procedures that offer guaranteed returns. One can get a fixed deposit done with all public and private banks for a definite time and expect to earn a good amount of interest. Fixed deposits have an array of advantages that will be discussed below in this article. Readers should go through all the points mentioned below carefully for understanding the reasons for making an FD Investment.

Risk-free investment process with assured returns

Everyone wants to invest a considerable portion of their savings in a profitable account for earning a huge amount of return. However, most of the investment instruments like stocks, commodities, currencies, options, and others involve a lot of risks that cannot be handled by many. This is the reason they prefer opting for a fixed deposit in a reliable bank. FDs ensure that the money invested earns a good amount of profit to the owner.

High rates of interest

Numerous risk-free investment options are available such as Government Bonds, Treasury Bills, etc. But FDs attract the highest rates of interest in the market. The best-fixed deposit will help a person much more interest than any other form of risk-free instruments.

Loans available

A fixed deposit is a wonderful means of investment from which the investor can avail of loans when required. He can take a loan the amount permitted by the bank without breaking the fixed deposit. Thus, the investment will remain intact and all the emergencies can be addressed with the loan taken. Banks also offer overdrafts against a fixed deposit which is equally beneficial.

Can be broken partially or fully

FD Investment is a liquid investment that can be broken conveniently. A person can break it completely if he is in an acute need for money or choose to derive a portion of it. This is another feature of FDs that make it completely flexible for investors as they can use their money as and when required.

Flexible tenures for investments

One can opt for a fixed deposit in a bank for a tenure of seven days to 10 years. It is the choice of the investor for how long he wants to keep his money deposited in the fixed deposit. Term FDs vary with a very high range and this offers the maximum amount of flexibility to a person.

Saves a lot of income tax

People who have to pay a lot of income tax at the end of a financial year always opt for a fixed deposit. Tax-saving FDs are available for five years that will help the investor in saving his hard-earned money that is deducted as income tax. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act states this fact clearly.

One should always visit a reliable bank and opt for the best-fixed deposit that can boost his investment. This form of investment has always attracted wise investors who make strategic plans regarding their capital. Therefore, people who want to grow their money should get a fixed deposit done at the earliest.

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