Housing Development

“Home for all” is our mission we aim at providing a piece of land for every individual in the Country. We incorporate in developing houses of all types Villas, Row houses, Apartments, Individual Bungalows at affordable prices. We provide other services like Customized planning and Interiors on request by the members. This is a business process encompassing activities from the renovation and re-lease of the existing, raw land purchase and sale of developed land. This is different from construction. We also get plans, permit and approvals.

Land Development

Purchasing unused land for a potential development. We develop and market the land to other end user such as Ware house, Shopping complex, & Malls. We change landforms from a natural or semi natural state for the purpose of agriculture and housing. We conserve the natural ecology of the land with a vegetation carpet which may result in the rise of economic growth. We prevent the ecological imbalance, the irreversibility of lost flora and fauna which in turn prevents habitat destruction. Our main aim is to protect our natural environment and at the same time provide a beautiful place for our fellow human beings.

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